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In General Hospital’s preview for the week of April 17 – 21, Spencer and Trina have to act fast. Read on for the scoop and watch the teaser video.

Last week, Victor revealed his ultimate goal to Obrecht and Spencer, who he had taken hostage onboard the Haunted Star, along with Spencer’s brother Ace. Victor wanted to carry out the original plan he and his brothers devised decades ago to turn back the clock on the damage humans were doing to the earth’s environment. In the end, Mikkos’ greed, along with Luke and Laura, became the downfall of their weather machine.

However, there was a backup plan, a pathogen that would wipe out at least half the population on the planet, which Victor believed would bring balance back to an already taxed world. Mikkos had hidden the pathogen, but the Ice Princess contained the bunker’s location where it was stashed. Victor ordered Obrecth to develop a serum that would protect him and his chosen few from said pathogen.

Spencer made it clear he would not go along with this plan and created a diversion by taking Obrecht hostage so that Trina, who stowed away on the boat, could get a call out for help. Indeed she was able to contact her mother and provide Laura and Jordan with the coordinates and heading of the boat.

This week, Spender warns Trina that his Uncle Victor is more dangerous than he ever could have imagined, and if they don’t stop him before they make landfall, it will be too late for all of them.

Back in Port Charles, Curtis tells Drew they aren’t sure how long Trina can stay hidden, while Ava supports Portia, but knows time is running out.

On the boat, Trina says they have to do something. Just like decades ago with Luke and Laura, it may be down to Spencer and Trina to stop the Cassadines and save the world!

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