GH's Robin and Emma in a princess hat
Credit: Paul Skipper/JPI

Springtime is clearly in the air right now. The trees are full of leaves, the flowers are blooming, General Hospital is celebrating its 60th anniversary and teenagers everywhere are heading into the rite of passage known as prom. It’s not quite as much fun as dressing up like a princess as a kid… but it’s surely close!

It’s hard to think of Brooklyn Rae Silzer as a teenager — most of us probably still think of her as Robin and Patrick’s precocious and adorable little girl, Emma! But when Emma stopped by Port Charles for the first time in years, back on General Hospital’s March 29 episode to say hello to Anna and farewell to Epiphany, fans got to see the incredible young woman Silzer’s grown into.

Heck, just check out her reunion pic below!

That, though, was mostly seeing Emma and catching up with her life. This past weekend, on the other hand, Silzer gave us a chance to see her in a whole new light as we caught up with the teen unveiling her gorgeous prom dress.

Plus, she got to debut it with the most adorable “date” ever, her ragdoll cat!

Over on Instagram, Silzer shared a few more photos on her stories with her human friends, posing on the lawn together and taking what looked like a gorgeous sunset beach stroll in prom attire. The whole weekend looked like one that the talented young actress would remember fondly for the rest of her life. And really, that’s all you can ask for in a prom!

And judging by the replies to her Twitter photo, every last fan who laid eyes on Silzer’s prom look couldn’t help but marvel.

As Frankie wrote, there’s always something incredible about watching the General Hospital kids grow up. “A beautiful child has morphed into a beautiful young lady.”

Hopefully, Emma’s visit back in March won’t be the last time we see this incredible young lady. Robin and Patrick may be off-screen, but there’s no reason the Scorpio/Drake family can’t continue on in Emma!

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