kirsten storms maxie black shirt gh
Credit: Nick Argo/ABC via Getty Images

Sometimes a change will do you good. General Hospital‘s Maxie certainly knows this. She’s gone through a number of “phases” over the years, progressing from irresponsible wild teenager, to husband-stealing schemer to devoted mom and fashionista. But through it all, there’s pretty much been one constant in her life: her blonde hair.

But that, as we discovered on the Friday, April 14 episode, has all changed! When last we saw Maxie, she and Nina were trying to figure out what happened to Obrecht after the Nurses Ball magic show. The good doctor disappeared during the ol’ switcheroo (snatched, as we know, by Victor to help ensure the Cassadines don’t fall victim to his pathological pathogen plan) and it seems that in the time since, Maxie pulled a switch of her own.

She went from blonde to brunette! Check it out below.

GH Maxie's new brunette hair look

The big question now is, does this signal another switch coming down the line for Maxie? Could she be about to get back in touch with her own darker roots? It’s been a little while since she’s done much scheming, but with all Maxie’s been through the past few years, from Nathan’s death to Peter’s betrayal(s) it wouldn’t surprise us to find out she’s got some lingering pain and anger waiting for a destructive outlet.

All that it might take is a trigger, like finding out that Austin’s been keeping a whole lot of shady dealings from her! Still, these days she’s mostly happy to be mom to her kids while keeping Deception running along, so we kind of doubt it. For now, we’ll just say brunette is a great look on her!

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