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Credit: (Scott Kirkland/ABC via Getty Images

If you’re a fan of General Hospital alum Johnny Wactor (ex-Brando), you’re likely aware that he and his former Port Charles castmate Marcus Coloma (ex-Nikolas) will be teaming up for some fun in New York City this weekend. Though he’s excited to meet up with all of their fans, Wactor revealed that he’s “been a little nervous” about it too.

Why? Well…It all has to do with the theme of their upcoming event — karaoke.

While seated at a Los Angeles café, which was about 2,500 hundred miles away from Coloma, who currently resides in Florida, Wactor thanked his pal for a recent video he posted, which was just what he needed, and admitted that his nerves pushed him to take some “really expensive singing lessons every day for four hours a day for the last six weeks.” And if that wasn’t harsh enough, he went on to disclose the other things he’s done to try to prepare for Saturday, April 22, where they will take the stage and sing along with others — even though he’s “not a good singer.”

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The video Wactor was referring to, posted by Coloma, featured Nikolas’ former portrayer talking about the mindset he was going to have when walking into the event and why people were going to be “passing out and fainting, throwing their shirts at me.”

In the end, Wactor wanted to make one thing very clear. “Whether I’m a terrible singer or not, and I’m singing in front of a bunch of people, I don’t care.” He’s just looking forward to being around a great crowd and having a good time!

Watch the video to find out if the singing lessons paid off, as well as the advice Wactor had for those attending.

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