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With Victor Cassadine’s devastating plan finally set to move forward on General Hospital, it’s clear that Port Charles, nay, the entire world, are in desperate need of a hero or two. (And for those who aren’t quite sure what that plan is, we’ve broken it down for you here!)

For the show’s 60th anniversary, General Hospital has gone big with the Ice Princess Saga: Part II paying homage to the original Luke and Laura/Cassadine tale back in 1981. Living up to the first go around, though, isn’t easy, as it was a grand, over the top story adventure with our show’s heroes battling, for lack of a better word, supervillains.

But if we’re being honest, it was also kind of silly as Mikkos Cassadine held the world hostage with the threat of freezing it solid. Literally. In fact, it was so silly that Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Mr. Freeze tried to do pretty much the same thing in Batman & Robin

Still, what General Hospital had that the movie didn’t was an anchor to make it all work: Luke and Laura’s romance. Their love was at the heart of the tale, and together, it propelled them straight into the stratosphere of supercoupledom.

And that, clearly, hasn’t been lost on the show’s current writers as Victor Cassadine’s mad plan threatens the world once more, despite his claims that he’s trying to save it! This time, though, there is no Luke and Laura — two of the people Victor made clear as he laid out his plan to Spencer responsible for stopping the Cassadine’s original plan!

Spencer and Trina's plan GH

The couple hasn’t been together in ages and Luke is still, as far as we know, dead. But that doesn’t mean there’s no hope because we do have a fresh, young, wildly popular couple on hand to stop Victor: Spencer and Trina!

Their love story has been building for what seems like forever, a slow burn that’s left fans dying for more. And now that they’re trying to escape Victor together, they’re finally hitting a full boil. From that kiss “Sprina shared, to Spencer telling Trina she’s the best thing that happened to him, their chemistry is on full display for everyone to see.

That’s not all we’re seeing, though, as the parallels between the soap’s greatest supercouple and its newest couldn’t be any clearer. Trina is trapped with Laura’s grandson on the Haunted Star — the ship that Helena gifted to Luke and Laura for their wedding. And just as Laura surprised Robert and Luke by stowing away with them to stop Mikkos’ plan, Trina surprised Spencer by sneaking onto the very same ship herself.

Their goals aren’t quite the same — ultimately, “Sprina” just want to escape with little Ace — but at the end of the day, the end game is likely going to be the same. Because when you get right down to it, there’s really no one else who can stop Victor.

Heck, with Spencer’s formalwear (granted, he’s changed to a more casual look now) and Trina’s pink dress, they’re even decked out a whole lot like their predecessors! Check out the original, gun-toting heroes back in 1981 below.


The styles may have changed a bit and the threat may have shifted, but at the end of the day, Port Charles needs the next generation of heroes to step up. And even more importantly, it needs a new supercouple to anchor the show just as Luke and Laura did all those years ago.

And at this point, it’s clear that “Sprina” checks off just about every box that General Hospital fans could ever dream of.

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