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Move over, Mikkos. Sorry, Helena. It looks like the wickedest member of General Hospital‘s Cassadine clan was actually Victor all along. At long last, the episode airing on Thursday, April 13, revealed the patriarch’s master plan, and it was more horrifying than ever we could have imagined.

With a kidnapped Spencer and Obrecht serving as a literally captive audience, Victor at long last began laying out exactly what he intends to do and why. Ironically, it turns out that he is an environmentalist… although he’s taken that righteous cause to an extreme. “When I was younger,” he began, “I was horrified by the damage were were doing to the planet… our greed and short-sightedness, carelessly consuming the very resources we needed to survive. Left unchecked, they’ll be nothing left for future generations!”

Spencer and Victor on the Haunted Star

“Uncle Victor, you get that crap like this is why people hate our family, right?”

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Truth be told, it’s hard to argue with his logic. But we digress.

As it turns out, the late Mikkos shared the same views as his brother. “So together, we developed a technology to reverse mankind’s mistakes.”

Serving as a one-woman Greek chorus, Obrecht snarked, “The device you used to control the climate. Do remind me how that turned out?” (For newer viewers who might not recall that long-ago adventure, the answer is… not so hot, at least for the Cassadine clan. Their attempt to freeze the world — starting, of course, with Port Charles — eventually was thwarted, with Mikkos and his brother Tony dying, while Victor was sent to prison and later presumed dead.

Nodding, Victor acknowledged that things could have gone better, as Mikkos eventually revealed himself to be “a mere opportunist, using our innovation for extortion. His greed was not only disgusting, it was our undoing.” (Obrecht was quick to give credit where it’s due, adding, “Along with Luke and Laura!”)

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Sometimes, the sacrifice one makes to save the world involves fashion.

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But this time, Victor insisted, things would be different. Because he and Mikkos had developed a second “set of tools” which could be used if that whole “freeze the world” thing failed. That tool? A pathogen. And it could be found in a bunker, the location of which could be found by deciphering the coordinates engraved into the Ice Princess necklace.

In case you haven’t yet connected the dots, Victor’s jaw-dropping plan is to ensure the future of the planet (and, in particular, the Cassadine clan) by releasing a pathogen that, as he explained, “will reduce the population to manageable levels” and allow “the survivors [to] usher in a new age of man!”

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“You ruined my Nurses Ball appearance… for this?”

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Sure, a whole lot of people will have to die in order for Victor’s plan to come to fruition, but as he almost casually declared, “to bring about true change involves sacrifice.”

One thing Victor is not willing to sacrifice? His family. In fact, the reason he kidnapped Obrecht — aside from any lingering feelings he might have for the doctor — is that he expects her to develop a serum which will guarantee the survival of the Cassadines, or at least those he sees as worthy. (Sorry, Valentin!)

As half of Port Charles — not to mention those on board the Haunted Star — work to foil Victor’s plot, time is ticking. Because if they fail, hundreds of thousands, if not millions, could die!

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