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Credit: ABC

Well, we hardly expect him to give a hoot one way or another. But fans of General Hospital are going to be extra ticked at the villainous Victor Cassadine if his recent kidnapping spree results in Willow’s death. And it could actually happen, too, since among the collection of Port Charles residents that he has abducted is Liesl, who just happens to be the one person whose bone marrow could save Wiley and Amelia’s mom.

Honestly, doesn’t the poor thing deserve a break? For what seems like forever, it’s been one step forward, two steps back for Michael’s sweetheart. First, she gets pregnant — yay! But she also gets cancer — boo! She delivers a beautiful baby girl — yay! But she’s put off treatment for so long, she’s knocking at death’s door — boo! Her biological mother just happens to be alive and willing to donate bone marrow — yay! But Nina isn’t a donor match — boo! Aunt Liesl is a match, though — yay! But she’s been spirited away by Victor — boo!

What could ultimately work in Willow’s favor may be any lingering feelings that Victor has for Liesl. If he allows her to return to Port Charles for long enough to fork over some bone marrow, she might decide to make the ultimate sacrifice: leaving town and Scotty and agreeing to reunite with the madman she once shot.

What do you think? Would General Hospital really let Willow become a casualty of Victor’s bonkers plot? Review Michael and Willow’s star-crossed romance in the below photo gallery.