Spencer and Victor on the Haunted Star
Credit: ABC

An unexpected passenger sneaks onto the Haunted Star.

In General Hospital’s preview for the week of April 10 -14, Trina could be in big trouble. Read on for the scoop and watch the teaser video.

Last week, after obtaining the Ice Princess necklace from Anna and Valentin, Victor paid his son back for betraying him and breaking his heart by shooting Anna. But he didn’t stop there, he arranged to have Ace taken from Esme, and Obrecht kidnapped from the Nurse Ball. He then called Spencer and ordered him to meet him on the Haunted Star and to tell no one where he was going. Spencer up and left the ball to meet his uncle, and right in the middle of an important conversation with Trina. Once aboard the ship, Victor had it pull away from the docks and set sail with his captives on board.

Coming up this week, Sonny tells Diane that they need to find Victor Cassadine. On the Haunted Star, Spencer is locked by one of Victor’s associates in a stateroom, and the announcer teases, “Victor’s plan is in full force.”

Joss, with Carly by her side, worries to Dante that Victor has Spencer and Ace, and he may have Trina too. The shot pans to the Haunted Star, where indeed Trina has appeared to have snuck aboard!

Elsewhere, Sonny tells Diane they need to get to them right away, as lives are at stake. Should Victor discover Trina has stowed away, he could very well throw her overboard!

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Video: General Hospital/Facebook