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“I’m here for it.”

If there’s one thing we can say about General Hospital‘s Maxie, it’s that she’s a fighter and she is not afraid to speak her mind! OK, that was two things, but you get the point. Maxie is no shrinking violet, and neither is her portrayer, Kirsten Storms. And right now, it’s clear that toughness runs in the family!

Actually, it’s no surprise that with parents like Storms and Days of Our Lives‘ Brandon Barash (Stefan), Harper is one tough kid! We just didn’t know quite how tough until recently!

Storms took to Instagram to share how some boy in Harper’s school informed her that “Girls can’t fight.” That, of course, isn’t just wrong, it’s something that could have been dangerously wrong if he’d said it to the wrong girl! Now, Harper could have handled that in one of two ways. The first would have been to wipe the floor with him. The other, shrug and walk away.

And it’s perhaps because of the fact that she could have easily taken the first route that Harper instead took the second! Storms shared a photo of Harper tackling the punching bags with trainer Kyle Koenig and it seems pretty clear that that boy wouldn’t have stood a chance!

“Even though she has the skill to show him he is wrong,” Storms wrote of her daughter’s reaction, “she brushed the comment off and went about her day. I swear, martial arts have given her so much. Her self-confidence has improved, it’s teaching her discipline and she is gaining the ability to stand up for herself when the situation calls for it. She’s turning into a tiny ninja, guys.”

Days of Our Lives’ former Abigail, Kate Mansi, was all in, replying “Love this!” And she was far from the only one! There was a chorus of women who not only cheered Storms and Harper on, but talked about their own martial arts training, or that of their daughters.

As to what kind of training Harper was getting when fan Bridget Jones mentioned that she’d done “jiu-jitsu for years. The discipline, confidence and respect you learn is invaluable and wildly powerful,” Storms replied that she was watching Harper’s “jiu-jitsu class right now!”

We’re sure both parents couldn’t be prouder of their budding jiu-jitsu champ! At the very least, Storms and Barash have to sleep just a bit better at night knowing Harper is growing up learning how to handle herself in virtually every situation!

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