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The Haunted Star holds not one, but two of the Cassadine’s captives.

Well, things went from bad to worse in the safehouse, and Victor has made his move to make Valentin pay for going against him in. In Thursday’s, April 6, episode of General Hospital, viewers watched in horror as Victor took aim at Anna and fired a shot — and now the mad Cassadine is about to take things a step further, which won’t bode well for Spencer.

In the latest issue of Soap Opera Digest, Nicholas Chavez previews what’s ahead and how he’ll be able to deal with an unhinged Victor… It will all begin after Victor lures Spencer onto the Haunted Star and the yacht soon sails away from the pier. Even though Spencer hears the engines, he doesn’t immediately realize what’s going on but then soon “all of his worst fears do come rushing in.”

Seeing Victor this way is a side Spencer has never seen before. “He’s heard about it from Laura and Cyrus but I don’t think he ever thought he would go so far as to hold his own family hostage!” Chavez stated, and Charles Shaughnessy agreed that his character is headed to new heights. “Every script he goes from bad to worse,” he shared. “He’s become malicious and vengeful.” However, knowing that Victor has big plans for Spencer and Ace, in order to carry out the Cassadine legacy, Shaughnessy revealed that Victor will “protect them and keep them close at all costs.”

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So, how will Spencer get out of this one? “He is literally trapped.” Chavez stated. “There is nothing that he can do.” However, when he learns that Victor is holding another person captive on the boat, it “drives him to come up with some kind of solution, some kind of way out of this.” In the end, no matter what, no matter how hard, Spencer knows he must fight tooth and nail to escape his uncle’s clutches.

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