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Plus, are Spencer and Trina over before they ever really started?

Things took a shocking turn during Thursday’s episode of General Hospital as couples sparred, secrets were revealed and lives were in jeopardy! But the moment that truly rocked us was when Victor, his wicked plot becoming ever clearer even as everyone around him is put in jeopardy, sought revenge against his son by taking literal aim at Anna!

The situation at the not-so-safe “safe house” spiraled quickly out of control as Victor made it clear that he felt betrayed by the son for whom he’d done so much. Despite having essentially given Valentin up, Victor explained that he’d been shadowing his son and paving the way for his every success.

GENERAL HOSPITAL - Episode “15193” - "General Hospital" airs Monday - Friday, on ABC (check local listings). (ABC/Christine Bartolucci) JAMES PATRICK STUART, FINOLA HUGHES

As it turns out, it was Victor who arranged for Valentin to become a member of the WSB… meaning that the father somewhat unintentionally put his son and Anna on a collision course. (Throw in her twin sister, Alex, and that decision alone would have major consequences!) Furious and clearly feeling unappreciated, Victor snapped, “You did nothing without my help!” (In his too-cool-for-school style, Valentin quipped, “You want a thank-you card?”)

His anger building, Victor raged at having been lied to by Valentin, who went so far as to allow his father to believe him dead. Now, all Victor wanted was the Ice Princess necklace… and this time, he wanted the real one! Proving he wasn’t playing games, Victor ordered one of his thugs to put Anna into a stranglehold, threatening to break her neck unless Valentin coughed up the jewels!

When finally Valentin gave his father what he wanted, Victor practically glowed while savoring the victory. This was not, sadly, how he’d hoped things would end. “We could have done this together, Valentin, you and me,” the older man sighed. “Father and son. Instead, I’ve had to choose another heir to carry on the Cassadine name.”

And of whom might he have been speaking? Obviously, Spencer, who had been told by Ambrose — yet another of Victor’s henchman — to be awaiting his grandfather’s orders. Worse, poor Spencer had just had an argument with girlfriend Trina, who’d witnessed him being dismissive of Dex. As longtime fans have known, Spencer can be a bit full of himself at times, and Trina wasn’t thrilled to see that side of him.

“You’re acting like an ugly, entitled jerk, lording your privilege around,” she spat. “I thought you were done doing that. I guess I was wrong. I hate that I’m always wrong about you!”

GENERAL HOSPITAL - Episode “15193” - "General Hospital" airs Monday - Friday, on ABC (check local listings). (ABC/Christine Bartolucci) NICHOLAS CHAVEZ

At the same time, Obrecht went from helping Georgie and James perform a little bit of magic to vanishing for real when she was stuffed into the trunk of a car!

But it was what happened next at the safe house which left our jaws on the floor. “Your betrayal broke my heart,” emoted the Cassadine patriarch. “So it’s only fair that I return the favor.” And with that, he took aim first at Valentin, only to then purposefully swivel the gun and fire it directly into Anna’s chest. As Valentin watched in horror, no doubt wishing with every fiber of his being that he could have been the one felled by Victor’s bullet, Anna slumped to the floor!

But is this really the end of Valentin and Anna’s love story… not to mention her life? Only time will tell, meaning we’ll all have to tune in tomorrow!

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