Maxie and Bobbie intro the Nurses Ball GH
Credit: ABC screenshot

Come for the singing and dancing, stay for the drama.

In General Hospital’s preview for the week of March April 3 – 7, trouble looms at the Nurses Ball. Read on for the scoop and watch the teaser video.

The Nurses Ball kicks off this week, celebrating 60 years of General Hospital. Maxie and Bobbie are hosting, and Maxie promises this year they’ve turned things up a notch. Though we have to wonder, did Bobbie listen to reason and stay home after all?

Valentin and Anna appear to have turned the safe house into their own version of the ball, and have even gotten glammed up to dance with everyone else.

As usual, the nurses take the stage for the opening number, complete with singing and acrobatics. You can look forward to Blaze and Chase performing and they are sure to bring the house down. Plus, Trina and Joss, complete with backup dancers, get their groove on with a funky-looking disco number.

However, there is always drama at the ball. The promo moves to the shot of a camera inside an elevator. The doors open and outside stands a figure in a black hooded sweatshirt and outfit. Laura and Dante watch the video on a laptop, and both look troubled.

The promo then cuts to shots of Carly, Joss, Nina, Sasha and Obrecht along with the rest of the audience looking shocked and stunned! Somewhere in a car, Victor declares, “It’s showtime!”

As Bobbie announces, “Anything can happen at the Nurses Ball,” Carly appears shocked, and Nina gives Sonny a worried look.

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Video: General Hospital/Facebook