mashup victor kills gh
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What’s ahead will be “gravely-dangerous,” explosive drama at its best.

It has been a few months since Valentin and Anna faked their own deaths as a way to go underground in order to stop Victor from causing more harm to those they love. However, now that he knows his son and Anna are alive, as well as Lucy, not to mention that they have the real necklace, Victor has gone postal and wants nothing more than to bring them down the same way he took care of Deputy Mayor Eileen Ashby.

In the latest issue of Soap Opera Digest, Charles Shaughnessy gave a preview not only of what’s ahead but where his character’s mind is after uncovering this newfound information. After he learns the location of the safehouse, he tracks down Valentin and Anna, and “Victor has no intention of showing his son mercy,” no more chances to join him, “there are things that he needs from Valentin.”

Even though he has a new plan in place to have Spencer and baby Ace carry on the Cassadine legacy, Victor is sadden that his son didn’t join forces with him to take on the world but rather he teamed up with Anna and the WSB against him. “That’s bitterly disappointing — but that ship has sailed,” Shaughnessy revealed.

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So, what will happen when father and son come face to face? Let’s just say that it’ll be “gravely dangerous for the hideaway’s inhabitants.” But would Victor go as far as to kill his own son? For Victor, Shaughnessy explained, “Okay, you’re no longer my son and I may not be able to pull the trigger on you myself, but I can certainly take away everything else you love in this world.”

With a tease like that, Anna better run for cover because we all know, aside from his love for Charlotte, who could very well be in danger too, Anna means the world to Valentin. And though Victor may not be able to pull the trigger on his son, we can bet that Valentin will have no problem shooting his father if he is backed against a wall.

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