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But it may not be all it’s quacked up to be.

Guess that settles that: General Hospital will not be reuniting Sonny and Carly anytime soon — at least not according to the Carly stand-in that Maurice Benard recently bumped into with wife Paula. In a video that the Emmy winner shared to Instagram on March 28, the couple encounter a duck — yes, a duck — that the actor playfully cast as the smooth criminal’s ex-wife.

“Carly, are we gonna get back together?” he asks, turning on the charm that has worked on every woman in Port Charles, from Sam to Alexis. In response, right on cue, “Carly” emphatically shakes her head no — much to the Benards’ amusement.


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The real-life marrieds weren’t the only ones tickled by the exchange, however. It left Laura Wright — you know, the actual Carly — LOL-ing, too. “OMG, this is amazing,” she exclaimed before turning her attention to her former leading man’s Nanook of the North getup. “What the hell are you wearing?”

Apparently, it was a chilly day — and yet, not the cold day in hell that it seems it will have to be to get the Corinthoses back together. Sonny remains as thick as thieves with Nina, and Carly remains committed to Drew… for now, anyway.

Since Sonny and Nina are keeping their distance — so as to prevent her from becoming a casualty of the Mob violence that has flared up anew — and Carly and Drew are pretending they aren’t a couple, lest the SEC charge them with insider trading, anything could happen. Sonny could remember how easy it was to be with Carly when danger lurked around every corner. And Carly could, in spite of herself, worry that this might be the time that a hitman actually nails the Teflon don.

Hit the comments to state your preference: Team “CarSon” or Team “Sona,” and on your way, catch up on the relationship status of all of the couples on General Hospital in the below photo gallery.