GENERAL HOSPITAL josslyn cameron
Credit: ABC

It clearly wasn’t easy.

Back when General Hospital‘s Josslyn and Cameron first got together, it was, truly, the legacy pairing of the ages. The daughter of Carly and Jax and the son of Elizabeth and Zander (though the only father he’s really known was Lucky… and maybe Franco), the two seemed fated from the stars. But alas, it just wasn’t meant to be.

It didn’t take long once Michael brought Dex into everyone’s lives for Josslyn to turn from her teenage sweetheart to the bad boy in trouble. And after years of working with William Lipton and playing Joss and Cam together, the change, Eden McCoy tells ABC11’s Dearon Smith, wasn’t easy.

Sharing a clip teasing a longer interviewer for General Hospital‘s 60th anniversary, McCoy notes that the big breakup between Josslyn and Cameron “was bittersweet. I remember reading the script where the stuff really goes down and we really break up for real and then the stuff where he catches me. And it was heavy!”

“Me and Will love working together,” she adds, “and I love working with him. And I continued to… but not in the same way.”

But, she notes, they had been together for years, and in the daytime world, that’s practically forever. “It was an end of an era, on and off-screen.”

Check out what she has to say about it all in the clip below.

And if there were any doubts that Josslyn and Cameron are truly over, they pretty much evaporated when he left for college while she’s still back in Port Charles, trying to make a go of it with Dex.

But with the plot to take down Sonny still steamrolling forward and Michael now onto their relationship, all we can say is: Good luck! Most of the time, sticking with the good guy is the best choice. But more often than not, that’s something we all need to learn the hard way!

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