Kelly Thiebaud gh
Credit: Kevin Winter/Getty Images

The former ABC soap fave was sidelined — literally.

One of General Hospital’s much-missed stars was spotted at Goodison Park, a football stadium in the Walton area of Liverpool, England, while attending an Everton Women’s football match. Kelly Thiebaud (ex-Britt), who is a fan of the team, or rather a “toffee,” as the fans, as well as the team, call themselves, took to the sidelines to talk to presenter Sarah Halpin prior to kickoff.

“Learn how she became an Everton fan, her thoughts on the growth of the women’s game and more,” the team stated via a tweet then cheered, “Up the toffees, Kelly!” In the video, it’s clear that Halpin was “absolutely delighted” to have the Daytime Emmy winner and “North American toffee” on hand and asked Thiebaud if winning the award for playing Britt was like winning the World Cup?

“It’s still a big deal,” the former ABC soap actress admitted. “I still look at the trophy and read the name to make sure it’s mine.” She went on to say that “it’s crazy to believe, it’s awesome, it’s an honor,” before talking about how she became a Blues fan. Though she lives in Liverpool now, at the time, while doing “long-distance” with her boyfriend, who’s from there, he’s the one who introduced her to the team.

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“Thank you, boyfriend!” Halpin laughed then Thiebaud pointed off to the right and said, “Yeah, that guy right there.”

Watch the full segment to learn exactly how she progressed into a full-fledged Everton fan and what has her feeling a little “sad…”

And if you’re like us, and wonder why those involved with Everton are called “toffees,” one of the stories state that the Everton Toffee shop used to sell their toffees to the fans as they made their way to the stadium.

Now that we know who Thiebaud is a big fan of, if you haven’t checked out the new series Ride, you just might be a future fan yourself — meet the cast in our photo gallery below and tune in to the Hallmark Channel tonight at 9 pm.