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It’s pretty much the ultimate good news/bad news scenario.

At long, long (!) last, during the March 27 episode, General Hospital revealed Victor’s master plan. And, against all odds, the villain’s hope is to… save the world?

Yes, it turned out that that’s what the whole Ice Princess plot had been about back in the day, only power-mad Mikkos flipped the script and instead decided to hold the planet hostage for personal gain. Now, Victor is out to — and you bet it feels funny typing this — do the right thing.

Victor checks on Val and Anna GH

“Whad’ya mean I have to make a friend before I can phone a friend?”

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The Cost of the Future

Naturally, Victor being Victor, doing the right thing isn’t going to look “right.” As he explained to Eileen, a whooole lotta people are going to have to die for the Earth to keep turning. Something tells us that behind the scenes, a larger cemetery set isn’t being built. So where does that leave us?

Presumably, on the verge of a storyline reminiscent of Luke and Laura’s early adventures with Robert and Tiffany. Already, we have Anna and Valentin working to stop Victor. Laura is bound to get involved, as often as she and Victor clash over Spencer. And unless we miss our mark, by the time all is said and done, Luke will have “risen from the grave” to help save the day. (Here’s why we’re so sure.)

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“Time to suit up, babe!”

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A Worthwhile Reset

On the opposite side of this story, knock wood, we’ll have a Victor who is a viable long-term character. Charles Shaughnessy is flat-out perfect in the role and fills a huge void in the show: the dark patriarch, a Daddy Dearest capable of love… and equally adept at hatred.

Young & Restless has one in its Victor. Days of of Our Lives had one in its Victor. (Wait, are they always Victors?) And General Hospital could use one.

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