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Credit: ABC screenshot

Some viewers aren’t completely convinced that Esme really has amnesia.

The cast of General Hospital has been sharing various photos and videos leading up to the ABC soap’s 60th anniversary, which officially takes place on Saturday, April 1, and in a recent post by Avery Kristen Pohl, the actress teased that there are exciting things ahead for her character, Esme.

“I still can’t believe General Hospital is going to be 60!” Pohl shouted then expressed how honored she is to be a part of the soap before teasing, “Can’t wait for you all to see what is coming up next!”

Given that this is Esme we are talking about, well, anything is possible. There are some viewers out there who aren’t completely convinced that she really has amnesia, while others are on the fence and some believe that she truly has no memory of her past life or the awful things that she has done.

Laura is playing it safe by keeping Esme close, now that she and baby Ace have moved in with her, and though Trina understood why Spencer decided not to return to Sonny’s, and rather stay at Laura’s to keep an eye on his baby brother, she warned him to keep the other eye wide open because “the new Esme” could be worse than the old one.

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So, what side of the fence do you stand on? Do you think Esme is faking the amnesia and has been continuing to plot behind the made-up condition? Or is it possible that she really does suffer from memory loss and has no idea what she’s done? And if that’s the case, when and if she does remember, will “the new Esme” feel remorse or carry out her plans to make those around her miserable?

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