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Not all reaction shots are created equal.

General Hospital fans knew that they were in for a treat when Michael finally found out that half sister Josslyn was hooking up with his dreamboat henchman, Dex. But none of us could have been quite prepared for what we got.

Chad Duell might have done the best job of describing his character’s reaction to Dex’s declaration that he couldn’t leave Josslyn. It was, the Emmy winner said, “a full-body eye roll.” And it was, as you can see, epic.


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On-screen mom Laura Wright (Carly) cracked up when she got an eyeful of Duell’s post. “Oh Chad!” she exclaimed. His perfect response? The shrugging emoji.

Eden McCoy (Josslyn) called the head-turning eye roll “a Chad special.” And viewers seemed to agree that it was something else! One suggested that it was “possibly the best scene of the day.” Another laughed that the eye roll was “exactly what a brother would do.”

Michael eye roll

Yup, it’s even funnier in close-up.

Credit: ABC screenshot

Of course, on screen, the business was the opposite of funny. Not only did Michael just learn that Josslyn and Dex are a couple, Josslyn just learned that Michael was Dex’s real boss. And if Sonny finds out about any of this — Michael and Dex’s scheme, Dex and Josslyn’s relationship — they could all be in danger. Grave danger.

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