Briana lane
Credit: ABC screenshot

On March 12, Briana Lane shared devastating news.

Briana Lane’s former General Hospital co-stars were left in shock over the weekend when the actress — Amanda Setton’s temporary replacement as Brook Lynn — shared to Instagram that she had lost her husband of six years, John Lange. “I will love you forever, my sweet John,” she wrote. “Till we meet again.”

In response, Lane’s Port Charles family reached out to offer what support they could. Kirsten Storms (Maxie) was “sending you so much love,” she wrote to Lane. Katelyn MacMullen (Willow) reminder that that “[I] love you!”

Onetime Maxie Jen Lilley — better known as Theresa on Days of Our Lives — couldn’t believe what she was reading. “Oh my God, Briana,” she wrote, adding that she was “sending love and prayers your way.”

By all accounts, Lange was a heckuva guy. As a friend posted, “He was one of a kind with the biggest heart.” Another noted that “his ability to talk comedy was unlike anything I’ve ever heard. I’ll never forget the fun few adventures we all went on.”

Back in 2016, Lane marveled at the sweet blur that her life had become since she and Lange tied the knot. As she put it, “It’s weird how time just floats by without you knowing it. I feel like the last five months slid by and we got married yesterday.

“I imagine that’s how it will feel like when we’re older,” she added.

Needless to say, our hearts go out to the actress as well as her and Lange’s families. Feel free to add your condolences to the comments below.