GH Rundown for the week of January 25.

This was certainly a good week to be a GH fan, as we were treated to another powerhouse performance by Jonathan Jackson on Monday and then got the Dante/Sonny confrontation we’ve all been waiting for with a great performance by Dominic Zamprogna on Friday.

Jonathan Jackson was truly on fire as he portrayed Lucky finally confronting Elizabeth and Nikolas. His anger and devastation was truly palpable and he was so into his character that at one point I thought his eyes were going to literally come out of his head as he ripped into Elizabeth. I’m enjoying this edgier Lucky and would like to see him turn to the dark side for awhile. At least the darker side, where he’s cynical and snippy because he really had some good one liners in there, especially when Carly came over to invite them to the christening and he outted Nik and Liz by comparing them to farm animals. Also, I find him praying in church asking why this happened to him a bit much. I mean Elizabeth cheated on him, no one died. So it’s time for him to man up, stop crying and let the Spencer genes flow through his blood and act like the irresponsible cad Luke is. That might be fun to watch for awhile.

While Lucky was amazing to watch, Nikolas’ lone tear streaming down his face was pretty laughable. They really should have just left him there looking sorry and guilty, because that one tear was too obviously fake, especially when put up against what we were getting from Lucky.

As for Elizabeth, she really took the brunt of everyone’s anger. I think Lucky was justified in the awful things he said, since people who have been wronged and are feeling that raw tend to go for the jugular, so his stinging words were understandable. Lulu though, not so much. I understand she’s mad at Elizabeth for hurting her brother, but it’s not really her place to tear her down in front of her co-workers.

Luke really stepped up last week by being there for his son, as well as for understanding Elizabeth. I have to believe that when he offered to kill Liz or Nik for Lucky, when he found him firing his gun out in the woods, he was just trying to defuse the situation. I don’t believe he would actually have done it if Lucky asked him to, especially after his conversation with Elizabeth where he told her he was unhappy with her, but understood that people make mistakes. If anyone should understand what she’s done, it’s Luke.

Ethan was another highlight for me last week, as I really like how he’s reaching out to Lucky, but also Elizabeth. It’s nice to know not everyone thinks she’s trash. He’s certainly grown on me lately.