Joss and Dex make a plan GH
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Dex has a choice to make that could have a ripple effect on many lives.

In General Hospital’s preview for the week of March 20 – 24, Dex finds himself rethinking all his previous plans. Read on for the scoop and watch the teaser video.

This week, Sonny, with Dex, takes a meeting with Ms. Wu, who appears even more annoyed than usual. She was previously upset that some of her shipments were rerouted but Sonny reminded her she does business through his pier on his terms.

After Dex and Sonny mutually saved one another’s lives from a sniper at one of Sonny’s warehouses, Dex’s priorities seemed to shift. Sonny took Dex into his home for protection, as Dex was now firmly involved in the Pikeman shipment, something he didn’t want him dealing with.

When Dex told Joss how Sonny saved his life, Joss began to note that it sounded like he admired Sonny. Coming up, Joss asks Dex if he’s having second thoughts about getting evidence against Sonny.

Dex tells Joss, “I’m now in Sonny’s debt, don’t I owe him?” However, he knows he can’t warn him about Michael’s plans without exposing himself.

Cut to a scene of Dex and Joss snuggling on the couch under a blanket, clearly with little to no clothes on. Suddenly Michael bangs on Dex’s door and tells him to open up as they need to talk. Up until now, Dex has not told Joss that Michael is the man who hired him to get the evidence to take Sonny down, but it appears she’s about to find that out!

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