GENERAL HOSPITAL - ABC's "General Hospital" stars Maurice Benard as Sonny Corinthos. (ABC/Ricky Middlesworth)
Credit: ABC

It’s all in good fun, of course.

There are many elements to worry about when you’re in the acting business. First and foremost, you need to know your role and play the part, as well as look the part, and it’s always easier when you have a mentor to look up to who will guide you along the way. In the case of General Hospital’s Evan Hofer (Dex), his mentor is fellow castmate Maurice Benard (Sonny).

Hofer took to Twitter to express his gratitude for his role on the ABC soap and posted a pic of his shirtless character, Sonny and the doctor who helped patch Dex up after being shot by an unseen enemy. “Always grateful for another day with the best mentor in the biz,” Hofer said of Benard, who had quite the comical comeback…

Benard jumped into the comments with an observation and stated, “It looks like Sonny is looking down at Dex’s torso, saying to himself, ‘Damn, if I just had those abs.’”

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And if that wasn’t funny enough, he retweeted Hofer’s post, not only to “thank” his friend for the compliment but to further joke about Hofer’s well-sculpted abs. “I really think you need to start working out a little more,” Benard teased. “You’re just not quite where you need to be, especially your torso,” to which Hofer replied, “Anything for you, boss.”

Those who follow Benard know he loves to joke around and what better mentor to have than one who will be there when you need advice — serious or otherwise — and will laugh with you when the cameras stop rolling!

Benard has been on the soap for almost 30 years and find out where Sonny ranked in General Hospital’s 40 greatest characters of all time in our photo gallery below.