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Danger lurks within the confines of the star’s new storyline.

Mason is currently holding Nikolas’ life in his hands at the moment on General Hospital but his most recent portrayer, Adam Huss, has some very exciting news. Fans will be able to see the ABC soap actor once again when he returns to the screen in a brand new Lifetime feature — and he “can’t wait” for you all to watch it unfold!

“Can’t wait [for] you all [to] see my next Lifetime movie Home, Not Alone,” he announced then further relayed that “General Hospital alum Andrea Bogart [ex-Abby Haver] and many other lovely folks” will be featured in the movie as well, which was “directed by the awesome Amy Barrett” and previously titled Stranger in My House.

So, what kind of drama do viewers have to look forward to when Home, Not Alone premieres on Sunday, March 26, at 8 pm?

The story follows Sara Wilson (Bogart) and her 18-year-old daughter, Jordyn (Maya Jenson), who are seeking a fresh start and take the first step by moving into their dream home in a great neighborhood. However, nothing is ever that simple and when some very strange things start to happen in the house, Sara can feel the danger lurking around her and Jordyn — and it’s even closer than she thinks.

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Be sure to set your DVRs as not to miss what Huss’ character, Colin, has in store for the rest of the players in this latest Lifetime thriller.

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