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Credit: Howard Wise/JPI, ABC

We were not expecting to see these two together!

It’s not often that the dead get an encore — unless we’re talking about a show like General Hospital and a town like Port Charles! Though death is not quite a revolving door, there have been quite a few characters who’ve gotten a second, third and even fourth lease at life.

Some characters, like Nelle, seem all but inevitable. Villains tend to have a habit of popping up alive on soaps. In fact, we were all but certain she’d turn up alive to save her sister, Willow. But it looks like that isn’t in the cards — right now.

Others, like Brando, are a bit more up-in-the air. Johnny Wactor himself was surprised at how upset folks were at his character’s demise, but good guys, sadly, seem to have a tougher time coming back from the dead. For now, at least, we’re pretty certain Brando’s time in Port Charles is well and truly over.

But that doesn’t mean we won’t get to see Chloe Lanier and Brando pop up on our screens together soon. While the characters aren’t getting an encore, it looks like the two alums are going to be staging a General Hospital reunion of sorts — on another ABC drama!

Lanier took to Instagram to share the news (along with one bruising photo!) that she’d be appearing on Grey’s Anatomy spinoff, Station 19.

“I get into a bit of trouble on Station 19 this Thursday,” she wrote, “directed by the incomparable and lovely Paris Barclay! (I’m a big fan) Had such a great time working on this one and I can’t wait for you all to see it.”

And it didn’t take long for a fan to point out in the comments that she wouldn’t be the only former Port Charles resident visiting Seattle!

Over on his own Instagram, Wactor confirmed that you can, indeed, “Catch me on Station 19 this Thursday, 3/16 at 8 PM.” The exact same episode as Lanier!

“I’m excited,” Wactor continued in the comments. “Too bad I can’t do a live watch party on here. I’ll have to do some research because a watch party would be fun!”

Agreed! And heck, if he and Lanier were both able to watch parties — or, dare we say, host one together — we’re sure there’d be a slew of fans out there thrilled to join in!

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