kirsten storms maxie black shirt gh
Credit: Nick Argo/ABC via Getty Images

The ABC soap fave isn’t afraid to call it like she sees it.

We all have our moments… sometimes they are embarrassing, sometimes funny and sometimes, well, they are downright nerdy. General Hospital’s Kirsten Storms (Maxie) is no different and admitted as much during a recent post giving her followers an update on what she’s been up to these days, project-wise.

Whiling seated in the hair and makeup room behind the scenes, Storms talked about how artist Abraham Rivera’s “hair chair” is typically her first stop when arriving at the studio for work. “I honestly can’t think of a better way to start my day,” she expressed. “He’s the best.” She went on to chat about some of the things she’s working on, including “a few blankets” she’s making for daughter Harper’s room, as well as their living room, but stated, “My little Muud Living Saturn bag is quickly becoming my favorite for projects.”

The actress made it clear that her post wasn’t an ad then went on to explain why she loved the project bag and why the one she owns is a winner in her book. “I think it’s all of the pockets.”

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However, her post also revealed that big nerdy moment we were talking about as Storms admitted, “I get way too excited when my crochet hook matches my yarn. It’s definitely my nerdiest moment.”

So, you see, no matter what you love — or can’t get enough of — and what others might deem as strange, you can never go wrong — or appear nerdy enough — if it’s something that makes you happy!

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