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Is this the turning point we’ve been waiting for?

The bullets are flying fast and furious on General Hospital (of course, that’s just about any day that ends in “y” in Port Charles) and Sonny and Dex have been caught in the crossfire. When we left off on Friday, Dex had just spotted a man with a rifle and tackled Sonny to the ground.

But does he actually save the don? As if General Hospital would let Sonny die! That was never going to be a surprise… but there still might just be a change in the air.

Evan Hofer spoke with Soap Opera Digest in their most recent issue to explain his character’s actions. Dex has, after all, been working with Michael to take Sonny down, but that doesn’t mean Dex wants him dead.

For one thing, he comes from a military background. It’s what helped him spot the sniper, notes Hofer, but also, it seems to have given him a pretty strong protective code.

“I think his first instinct is to protect people over himself,” says Hofer, “whether it’s Sonny or otherwise.” And that makes sense, but it’s not, the actor admits, all there is to the situation.

Dex and Sonny warehouse

“I think it’s also a sign of how much he has started to care about Sonny,” he shares. And we suppose being shot at is something of a bonding experience — especially if it’s life or death! “It’s a situation where they have to figure out how they’re going to get out of this, together.”

So, that’s what they do. And that could spell trouble Michael!

“Not only does he save Sonny,” Hofer points out to Digest, “but Sonny saves him. And Dex doesn’t take it lightly.”

After this, Dex and Sonny are brothers in arms who’ve survived combat together. They’ve saved each other’s lives while weathering fire. How can Michael compare to that? How can Dex continue undermining the man who’s put his life on the line for him after that?

It might not happen right away, but this sniper may have just given Dex one big push closer to Sonny and away from Michael. But even if he decides he’s Team Sonny, would Dex throw Michael under the bus on his way over to the don’s side?

That’s tougher to say. But it seems like after this, Dex and Michael’s arrangement may have a rapidly approaching expiration date.

Sonny has a way of winning folks over, whether they want to or not, as you can see in our photo gallery of his criminally charming life