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Credit: Priscilla Grant/Everett Collection

However, they were in agreement on a few important details.

On April 1, General Hospital will be celebrating its 60th anniversary and leading up to the big milestone event, castmembers have been sharing their thoughts on social media about being part of such a great soap. The show posted a video captioned, “Fun fact: We get just as excited about the stories and the legacy as you do,” and Laura Wright (Carly) and Cameron Mathison (Drew) couldn’t say enough about the fans.

Wright talked about how she started watching daytime at the age of 11, and became a huge fan of Luke and Laura then expressed, “And to be a part of that,” and to know the excitement, anticipation and the desire of the cliffhangers, “thank you so much for allowing us into your home every day and allowing us to entertain you. I love it, I’m so honored.”

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Mathison had a hard time beating that and admitted as much, “I can’t beat that,” then stated, “Honestly, that’s the essence of it for sure. On one level or another… so much of what we have is because of you guys.” Wright agreed, “Yes, we’re only here because if you,” as he continued, “You give us the opportunity to keep playing these characters. My kids were raised because of you. It’s amazing, the loyalty and devotion… nothing is like daytime fans.” Wright added, “Daytime fans are the best.”

And boy are they right! Fans come out each day to support not only their favorite stars but the characters that they play, and whether we love them or love to hate them, each character plays an important part in the world of Port Charles.

We couldn’t be happier to be along for the ride and send everyone at the show a big congrats on 60 amazing years and we look forward to many more ahead filled with more delicious drama!

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