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Credit: David Crotty/Patrick McMullan via Getty Images

The ABC soap actress received a funny reaction out of one of her kids while posting about the other.

When you’re a mom of two, or multiple kids, there are always times when you talk about or reflect back on certain moments with each child. In the case of General Hospital’s Laura Wright (Carly), who is a proud mom to son John, 22, and daughter Lauren, 24, she recently posted an adorably-sweet photo of her boy that got a comical reaction out of her girl.

“This picture makes my heart smile,” Wright said of the cute shot of John as a wee little one, holding onto her leg with a pacifier in his mouth. “I love being your mom, John.”

As you can see, there were a few other kids in the photo, and her daughter Lauren jumped into the comments to let her mom’s followers know that she had been one of them — one of them who had been cropped out.

“Wow, thanks for cropping me out!” Lauren shouted, as her mama replied with a few kissy-face emojis.

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Of course, it was all in fun, but we got a kick out of not only seeing this blast from Wright’s past, but Lauren’s comeback as well. And fans did too… In fact, one of them, Michelle Jones, told Wright, “Being a mom is wonderful, just wait till time for those grandkids, it’s 10 times better than being a mom.”

And since Lauren didn’t get to be seen in this particular post above, get a glimpse of her and her brother when they were little with their beautiful mom in our gallery below filled with soap stars and their real-life kids.