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We never really thought we’d see the day.

Did you feel a disturbance in the Force on March 7, General Hospital fans? If so, that could only have been because Maurice Benard and Vanessa Marcil were together again. The longtime co-stars, who haven’t shared the screen as star-crossed lovers Sonny and Brenda since her visit to Port Charles for the Nurses Ball a decade ago, were hanging at the home of the soap’s former producer, Shelley Curtis.

The occasion? “Just reminiscing about old times,” Benard explained in his Instagram post, tagging, among others, ex-General Hospital EP Wendy Riche, onetime senior supervising producer Julie Hanan Carruthers, Michael Sutton (ex-Stone), son Joshua Benard (ex-Adam) and his girlfriend, Sydney Shea.

While Sonny-and-Brenda fans rejoiced at the sight of their portrayers chilling, one poster had a question for the twosome. “Umm,” asked Rena Sofer, who played Lois on the show, “why wasn’t I invited?” Ha.


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Is an On-Screen Reunion Next?

Although the time would be perfect for Brenda to make a return trip to Port Charles — here’s how the show has lined up its dominoes — Marcil has not disclosed any immediate plans to pay a visit to her old stomping grounds. Howver, she has said, “I will eventually, like there’s no way that it won’t happen.”

The actress has long maintained her love for the soap and the role that put her on the map. “I’ll always honor where I came from,” she said. “And the fact that Maurice is always still there, you know, makes it a no-brainer because I couldn’t go back and work opposite a Sonny recast or some of these crazy things that happened to some characters.” (Read the whole story here.)

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Say What Now?

Despite the fact that many a viewer still considers Sonny and Brenda endgame — sorry, Nina and Carly — Benard doesn’t necessarily think of the one that got away as The One. In fact, he doesn’t necessarily think of any of the aforementioned loves of Sonny’s life as the greatest one. His pick? Read it here.

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