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If we were this character, we’d make tracks in the opposite direction. Er, as soon as we could walk again.

Ask any General Hospital viewer, and they’ll tell ya: If there’s one person whose bad side you never wanna be on, it’s Sonny. He’s got a short fuse and a long reach, and if you come for someone he loves, he’ll come back at you guns a-blazin’. That’s why we suspect that a certain “dead” character may not be dead in air quotes for much longer.


That’s it, Austin. Just blend in. Niiice and subtle.

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A Fatal Reaction

In the March 6 episode, Ava intimated to babydaddy Sonny that her ex Nikolas had cast a dark shadow over little Avery. The godfather reacted… well, exactly like you’d expect him to. “Ava, it’s one thing to threaten me or you,” he said. “But if he threatens our daughter in any way, I will find him. I don’t care where he’s hiding.”

Easier said than done, considering that even Ava doesn’t yet know that Mason has spirited away Nikolas to a long-term recovery center. If he’s smart, though, even when he wakes up, he’ll stay far, far away from Port Charles. At the top of Sonny’s hit list is the last place that he or anybody wants to be!

Wish somebody’d clock us so we could get a decent nap in!

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A Search-and-Destroy Mission

In fact, if the dimpled don’s anger has reached the boiling point, he could take it upon himself to find Nikolas. (Hey, Sonny has his ways.) Were he to succeed, he could pay off Mason to let him know when the patient awakens. At that point, he’d learn from Spencer’s dad how he wound up in long-term care.

Not that that would sway the mobster whatsoever. Enraged, Sonny could kill two birds with one stone, rubbing out Nikolas (no more threat to Avery) and framing Ava for his murder (leverage over his babymama).

How do you think the story will play out? Any way Nikolas emerges from all this with a pulse? On your way to the comments, review Ava’s checkered past in the below photo gallery.