Ava and Austin are busted GH
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Can Ava trust Sonny with her secret?

In General Hospital’s preview for the week of March 6 – 10, Ava appears to go against Austin’s advice. Read on for the scoop and watch the teaser video.

Last week, Austin and Ava were left speechless when the closet in the tack room that should have had Nikolas’ dead body inside only had his broken watch. They have no idea where his body went, or who took it, but the audience soon learned it was Austin’s cousin Mason. Not only does Mason have Nikolas, but he’s alive and on life support as well. Everyone else has been led to believe that Nikolas fled town, especially with his imprisoning of Esme coming to light.

Coming up, Ava, still trying to protect Austin, tells the doctor not to give anyone a reason to suspect him. Unfortunately, he soon finds out from his cousin that he followed Austin to Spoon Island the night Ava thought she killed Nikolas and Austin helped her cover up the murder. Austin and Ava had every intention of going back to move the body, but it appears Mason beat them to the punch.

It would also appear Ava considers turning to Sonny for help, but Austin warns Ava that Sonny won’t help her, and in fact, getting involved with him could get them both killed. Ava seemingly thinks otherwise and meets with Sonny, clearly letting on there is a problem. Sonny tells her, “If he’s got anything over you, I can help.”

Read the General Hospital spoilers to find out who Sonny asks a favor of, and who Esme makes an offer to.

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