GENERAL HOSPITAL – Episode “15104” - "General Hospital" airs Monday - Friday, on ABC (check local listings). (ABC/Troy Harvey)
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There’s new hope for Willow. But…

It looks like the week of March 6, General Hospital will be deciding Willow’s fate — andMichael’s future. Though Obrecht is a bone-marrow match, that doesn’t mean that Wiley and Amelia’s mom is out of the woods. “Obviously, in the back of [Michael’s] mind is always the thought, ‘Is she not going to make it?'” Chad Duell tells Soap Opera Digest. “He has to constantly fight that thought from creeping in too much… because he doesn’t want it to be true. He just cannot allow that thought to run rampant in his mind.”

Michael and Willow name their baby GH

“Here’s to marrow. Er, to tomorrow, I mean.”

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A Nonfatal Distraction

Helping matters, in a way, is Michael having to deal with Obrecht. Not only is she the former paramour of both Faison and Victor, and Scotty’s current squeeze, but she’s the aunt of Willow’s despised biomom, Nina. Really, Michael would prefer not to have anything to do with Liesl, but desperate times call for desperate measures. “He would give her millions of dollars if that’s what she wanted,” says Duell, “just as long as Obrecht gives Willow the bone marrow.”

Nina and Obrecht task gh

“When have I ever had an ulterior motive?”

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The Biggest of Big Asks

Ah, but it isn’t an open vault that the doctor wants, it’s an open heart. She angles to get Nina an opportunity to have a real relationship with the long-lost daughter who detests her. “The bottom line for Michael is saving Willow’s life,” Duell says, adding that his character “figures they can deal with the fallout afterward, if there is any.”

Is Obrecht about to give Nina the chance that she thought she’d never get? Or will fate be cruel enough to take Willow away from her, her children… and Michael? Hit the comments with your predictions. On your way, stop off at the below photo gallery that traces Michael and Willow’s steps to becoming Port Charles’ cutest couple.