brad holds wiley general hospital
Credit: Image: Jill Johnson/JPI

This is just about too cute for words! 

It’s amazing how much times flies. It seems like just yesterday, in fact, that General Hospital‘s little Wiley was being raised by Brad and Lucas after being handed off by Nelle and, more or less, kidnapped. To be fair, Brad really did just want to give the kid a good life and he did feel bad about what he’d done. 

Ah, heartwarming family memories.

Back in those early baby days, of course, Wiley was played by budding actors Theo and Erik Olson. They stayed in the role for three years before it was time to move on, and clearly their on-screen parents didn’t forget about them!

Recently, Parry Shen took to Twitter to share how he reconnected with his former TV sons. In the video he posts, the boys go through photos that Shen sent them after they lost some of their General Hospital memories after moving.

They go through the pics with mom, but, understandably, their memories are a bit fuzzy from the first three years of their lives! When asked if they remember everyone in a pic with Shen and Ryan Carnes, one of the boys points to Carnes and dubs him “Chad ” — as in Wiley’s current dad, Michael, Chad Duell! Shen, though, they remember without a problem!

“Re-sent these mementos to Theo and Erik Olson,” he wrote, “to have in their new home (originals got lost in the move) to always remember their time in General Hospital as Wiley. Miss you all. And don’t worry, it’s not just you guys — I can’t tell Ryan Carnes and Chad Duell apart either.”

That’s fair. (Sorry, fellas!) Check out the whole adorable video below as the Olsons go through the bundle of memories sent their way.

Now, of course, Wiley’s a big brother, but we’d have to say his family dynamic is just as confusing as ever! And contentious. At least he and little Amelia share the same grandmother. Now if only Willow would let her be a part of their lives.

Ah well, life in Port Charles is never as sweet as real life, we suppose!

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