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Credit: Jill Johnson/JPI

See how well the ABC soap star really knows his little girl.

General Hospital’s Bradford Anderson (Spinelli) gave fans a front row seat to the cutest test a daughter could give her daddy — with a fun twist. He posted a video featuring a “questions challenge with Finola,” who, while holding a purple folder, said to her dad, “We’re going to see how well you really know me.”

Anderson, who was leaning over his kitchen sink, was asked about Finola’s favorite color — and answered incorrectly. Now, here’s where the fun twist comes into play. Apparently, it was agreed upon that for every answer he got wrong, Finola got to pour water over his head.

With his hair a little wet, Anderson got the second question right with no trouble but the third had him repeating, “Style of shoe?!” And even though he tried to get Finola to give him a multiple choice option, she refused, which led to him getting more water dribbled over his head.

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The next question had us rolling with laughter. It wasn’t so much the question but Finola’s answer to her dad’s incorrect one. Though he quickly named his wife Kiera, Finola’s mommy, as her favorite person, she corrected him by revealing, “Me,” and both broke out into laughter as she managed to pour some water down his neck.

The questioning continued and while Anderson got a few more answers right, there were a few more wrong as well, which left his hair fully soaked by the end of their “daddy/daughter night.” You just have to watch for yourself.

And we have to agree with Anderson, who stated, “Gotta love her confidence.”

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