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That was a zig when we thought sure there would be a zag!

Things just haven’t been going right for General Hospital’s Willow for some time. Sure, she gave birth to her and Michael’s beautiful baby girl and even came back after a brush with death, but then there was the whole Nina is her mother thing.

On top of that, dear mom was not a bone marrow match who could have saved Willow. As far as Willow was concerned, that would be about the only good thing that could have come from this revelation. Barely.

And when doctors weren’t able to harvest enough stem cells after Amelia’s birth, it seemed like things could only get worse from there. That either meant Willow wouldn’t be treated in time to save her life… or something potentially worse could happen: Nelle.

If there was ever a time for her to return from the dead, it would be now. Willow’s twin would surely be a donor match, giving the show the perfect reason to pull Nelle back from the dead to wreak havoc on Port Charles once again.

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It looks like Willow’s worst nightmare won’t come true… yet.

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Except now she’s not needed. We just learned in today’s show that Obrecht is a bone marrow match. Willow’s life can be saved without Nelle ever having to claw her way out of the grave to do it. The return that we thought was inevitable has now gone up in smoke… for now.

After all, there’s still plenty of time for twists and turns in this saga, and Obrecht still needs to be tested to make sure she’s healthy enough to donate. But after knocking out Willow’s first match because of a failed physical, it seems downright cruel to do it again.

Plus, Willow is raising Nelle’s son with Michael. Having her return to yank poor Wiley from his adopted mother’s grasp is always a story just waiting to happen. But it doesn’t mean it has to happen. Because with one surprise Obrecht twist, General Hospital may have just removed the one reason why Nelle would have to return.

If nothing else, we’re sure all of Port Charles might be breathing just a bit easier right now.

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