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Wait for it. Wait for it…

Understandably, General Hospital viewers loathe Esme. She manipulated Spencer. Humiliated Josslyn and Cameron. Framed Trina. Seduced Nikolas. Her litany of sins goes on and on — which is especially impressive for a character who’s been on the canvas for less than two years!

But what happens next could altogether change our impression of the villainess. Here’s how…

The Bad Apple Doesn’t Fall Far From the Tree

Sure, thus far, Esme has been portrayed as being rotten to the core. Why, though? She’s messed up. She’s been twisted by Daddy Dearest Ryan since before we met her. Now that he’s in the grave and Esme isn’t doing his bidding, who is she? Who does she want to be?

At very least, Esme had the good sense to be horrified upon learning that she was the offspring of not one but two serial killers. Perhaps free of Ryan’s hold on her — and no longer desperate to learn the identity of her mother — she’ll attempt to turn over a new leaf. She might even find an unlikely ally as she attempts to do so.

ava martini

“Anyone’s tolerable after three of these.”

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Game Recognizes Game

If anyone understands the undertow of having done things that she regrets, it’s Ava. So although she and Esme have fought as bitterly as ever two characters did, with the whole truth about Spencer’s ex now out in the open, the older woman might be moved to take pity on her. Ava knows all too well how masterful Ryan was at pulling his puppets’ strings.

Plus, if General Hospital plays it right, as Esme’s memory returns, even we might be forced to sympathize with her as she grapples with the magnitude of her misdeeds and her foolishness in doing Ryan’s bidding. If she feels bad enough, we might actually feel bad for her. That would create a whole other unexpected scenario…

Trina and Cam tells Spencer about Esme at Wyndemere General Hospital

We know: It would be surprising.

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No — Seriously!

If Ava takes Esme under her wing and bighearted Trina can offer her any compassion — Esme may not deserve it, but as sweet as Trina is, she could still do it — even Spencer may come to see his nephew’s mother in a new light. And considering that he was once attracted to her…

Could we actually be in for a Trina/Spencer/Esme love triangle in which we feel like Esme deserves love? Possibly. While nothing is going to stop us from shipping “Sprina,” it would be a classic triangle — and one that’s become increasingly rare in recent years — in which we can kinda see where the character in the middle would be drawn to the ones on both sides.

In the end, Spencer would have to declare that, while he appreciates the changes Esme has made, his heart now and forever belongs to Trina. They’d move merrily along being the cutest couple in daytime, and Esme would wind up being a viable love interest for someone new. Maybe an on-the-rebound Cameron? A newly widowed Michael? A suddenly single TJ? Who knows?

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