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Credit: ABC screenshot

Things aren’t always what they seem…

Viewers have known for months — and months — now that Dex has been secretly working for Michael. Though Sonny believes he’s working for him, he has no idea that his son hired his right-hand man to take him down. Then there’s Joss… She knows that Dex has been putting on a front to destroy Sonny but what she doesn’t know is that her brother is his boss. However, Joss’ portrayer, Eden McCoy, had a whole other spin on Dex’s employment status and filled in Michael’s portrayer behind the scenes on who he really works for.

“Dex’s real employer,” McCoy announced on Twitter while sharing a silly photo of her and Chad Duell posing for the camera from their seats on a couch.

It didn’t take long before Evan Hofer jumped into the conversation and demanded some clarification by questioning, “So Joss is my boss now?”

McCoy didn’t give Duell a chance to fight for his employee and quickly stated, “Yes,” under the Twitter post.

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And fans agreed with the ABC soap actress, including KayJay who shared, “Why is this even a question? We all know who runs this thing,” as Tina added, “Yes, she is your boss! Please tell her you love her already.”

Later, Hofer posted a photo on Instagram and encouraged his followers to “make this a meme.” Though McCoy replied, “too many come to mind,” fans had some fun with it, like Gail Linner Grady, who shared, “When a special report pre-empts your soap,” as Theresa Chesney added, “When you sit down to have breakfast with your girl and both bosses call to discuss business.”

Too bad Michael and Sonny don’t realize that Joss is the real boss!

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