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And when the time comes, you can bet there will be a grand entrance!

Whatever dreams General Hospital‘s Nina might have had about making peace with Willow have, at this point, been shattered. Willow’s time is running out and she still wants nothing to do with her mom, despite Nina and Sonny’s best efforts to convince their kids otherwise.

But instead of a tender reunion with love and forgiveness, the hearts of all involved just keep hardening more and more. Nina’s vowed that payback’s coming for everyone from Carly to Drew, even as Sonny’s promised that he’s through with Michael. 

Carly and Sonny confrontation GH

If anyone knows Sonny’s kryptonite, it’s Carly.

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And through it all, it’s been pushing Nina and Sonny closer together in a very healthy (insert sarcasm here) “Us vs. the world” way. Not that we can exactly blame them, even as they do inch closer and closer to husband and wife. The problem is, though, that this cycle of anger and revenge is just continuing, and it has every chance of blowing back to ruin Sonny and Nina’s relationship.

Because if Nina wants to keep up this tit-for-tat payback, it’s all but guaranteed to boomerang back at her once more — and with Carly involved, it’s all but guaranteed to hit a moment that’s most painful for Nina. And that’s especially true after what Vanessa Marcil revealed about the chances of her stepping back into Brenda’s shoes!

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Good luck keeping Sonny’s attention after he’s got Brenda back in front of him, Nina!

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After all, Carly, of all people, knows exactly what Brenda means to Sonny and how good she is at stopping the don right in his tracks. And what could be better than if she tracked down Brenda and brought her back to Port Charles just in time to crash Sonny and Nina’s inevitable wedding! Wedding disasters have, after all, been a tradition for Sonny and Brenda ever since he first left her at the altar 26 years ago.

The last time Brenda was in town, they came close to running off together, but Sonny felt their timing was off. It’s probably safe to say her return timing wouldn’t be great either, but that doesn’t mean she wouldn’t stir up a whole lot of feelings in him that could torpedo any chance of happiness with Nina.

And that, we’re sure, would be just fine with Carly!

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