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A domino effect could bring the truth — a bigger truth — to light.

Viewers have watched as Elizabeth has been in a back and forth battle with her conscience, and even though Finn stepped into the mix and urged her to stay quiet about her involvement with Nikolas and his scheme to hold Esme hostage, she’s finally reached her breaking point. Yes, Elizabeth is finally going to come clean and make a full confession.

In the latest issue of Soap Opera Digest, Rebecca Herbst detailed the reasoning for Liz’s decision and stated that she simply “does not want to live her life waiting for the other shoe to drop.”

And who can blame her? As the actress reminded, she’s been there done that with the drama surrounding Peter and hiding his body only to have it turn up missing — and Peter alive — and she can’t handle going through something like that again. So, the alternative is to face the music, as well as the consequences, in order to get her life back on track and be someone her kids can be proud of.

GH Peter in freezer liz finn screenshot

She does have Scott on her side (that’s a plus) and pleaded with him to help her, and with his support, legally and otherwise, she ends up revealing all of the details to those at the Port Charles PD. But that’s not all…

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Though we know that Ava bashed Nik over the head, Liz has no idea, so when Ava learns what she plans to do, it puts her in panic mode — the last thing she wants is the cops looking for Nik, who she believes is dead, which in turn makes Liz become suspicious. “She did pick up on the fact that Ava was trying too hard,” Herbst shared. “It is definitely on her radar that there was something too forceful about Ava trying to get her not to go to the police.”

While we wait to see what happens to Liz, as well as how Ava reacts as things begin to unfold, look back on other drama-filled moments in General Hospital’s complicated history in our photo gallery below.