Bryan Craig Morgan GH on June 06, 2021 in Hollywood, California (Photo by Rachel Murray/Getty Images for IN Close Entertainment/Dig IN Magazine)
Credit: Getty Images for IN Close Entertainment

We would be shaken beyond words!

It seems like far too often, we never get to enjoy the good things in life before something bad strikes. We certainly have a feeling General Hospital‘s much-missed Morgan, Bryan Craig, may be feeling that way right about now. Just a couple short weeks ago, the Good Trouble actor shared the incredible news that he’ll be in the Joker sequel, Joker: Folie à Deux.

Now, though, he’s shared something far less exciting. In fact, it seemed downright nerve-wracking as Craig took to his Instagram stories to post video of his car after it was broken into in his own driveway.

In the video, Craig and girlfriend Daniela Lopez Osorio go through the car, passenger door wide open, trunk popped, while he’s on the phone explaining to someone what’s happening. There doesn’t appear to be damage, but it’s clear that whoever did it made a thorough go at the car as the glove compartment and even the center console are open and empty.

“How I found my car this morning in my driveway,” he captioned the video. “Broke into the wrong car, promise you that.”

“Luckily, I don’t leave anything in my car,” he explains in the video. “This is unbelievable. They jimmied my door.”

Just a couple days earlier, Craig shared a post with his Porsche, after he, “Took her on a field trip to Malibu today.” And today he woke up to find someone had broken into her. But that Instagram story wasn’t the end of the tale.

In the next story, Craig shared a graphic with a smiley face saying “Smile, you’re on camera.” And then came the coup de grâce. It turns out, the General Hospital alum has a Ring doorbell on his home, camera and all. And as such doorbells tend to do, this one started recording when it spotted motion at the front the door.

Craig shared video of the night the break-in occurred as a man with orange gloves and dressed all in black with a hoodie on over a hat and mask covering his face riffled through the mailbox. He then gives up and goes out to the car. And written at the bottom of the video posted to his Instagram stories, the actor made a promise. “Come on back… I’ll be waiting for ya.”

It’s a truly chilling sight and we don’t know that we’d be handling it with such bravado. Thankfully, though, no one was hurt, and it doesn’t appear that anything was taken. Though that wasn’t for a lack of trying.

Hopefully, the actor caught enough on camera that the would-be thief is caught without anyone getting hurt. For now, we’re just glad that everyone is safe.