Liz gets scolded in Charlie and Robin. (

We’re back with the latest installment of our fashion scoop with GH‘s Head of Wardrobe, Mary Iannelli!

Maria S: Who designed the bags Maxie and Olivia carried on January 18?

A: Maxie’s bag is by Bebe and Olivia’s bag is by Perlina.

Christina C: Can you please tell me who designed and where I can find Carly’s black coat from January 12, white ski jacket from January 14 and brown hoodie from January 14?

A: Carly’s black coat from January 12th is from Zara Woman, her white ski jacket is by Juicy Couture, and her brown hoodie is by Fire and Ice.

Kathleen D: Who makes and where can I get the silver/blue leopard print button down sweater that Lulu wore on January 14 and 15?

A: Lulu’s leopard print sweater is by Plenty by Tracy Reese.

Caroline M: Where can I get the floral sweater that Elizabeth wore on January 15?

A: Elizabeth’s sweater is by Tabitha from Anthropologie.

Maureen E: Where can I find the cardigan and top Elizabeth wore on January 12 and 13?

A: Elizabeth’s sweater is by Moth and her top is by Odille both from Anthropologie.

Jaz D: I loved the hoop earrings Carly wore on Jan 12 & 13. Do you have any information on them?

A: Carly’s hoop earrings are from Nordstrom.

Kim O: Where can I find the boots Lulu wore on January 8?

A: Lulu’s boots are by Charles David.

Whitney D: Who made the boots Maxie wore on January 13?