Ryan to kill Felicia or Ava GH
Credit: ABC screenshot

Someone may not make it through the week alive.

In General Hospital’s preview for the week of February 20 – 24, Ryan and Heather terrorize Spoon Island. Read on for the scoop and watch the teaser video.

The promo opens with the statement, “The hook is back!” We see a hand raise the hook, it comes down, and impales someone in a green jacket. That someone looks to be Austin, who last week was about to call the police after overhearing Ryan with Ava and Felicia in the living room. Just then the hook, presumably still Heather, bursts in and prepares to strike.

A scream is heard, and someone flees through the woods. From Friday’s teasers for today, it’s likely Esme, who was begging someone not to do this.

On the docks, Alexis asks what is going on at Wyndemere. Laura replies, “A hostage situation.” When Mac got through to Felicia on Friday’s episode, it was Ryan who answered her phone. Knowing Ryan’s obsession with Ava, Laura deduced where they were.

At Wyndemere, Ryan holds Felicia and Ava at gunpoint and asks which one is ready to say goodbye. He realized the lift wouldn’t be able to fit them all, Esme and Heather included, so he asked the ladies to decide who would remain behind as a ghost.

On the docks, Mac tells Jordan they must take immediate action.

What do you think fans? Is Austin a goner? Will Ava or Felicia die? And of course, the $1,00,000 question, what about Nikolas’ body in the stables?

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Video: General Hospital/Facebook