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It’s the absolute worst of all worst-case scenarios.

The week of February 20 promises to be one that General Hospital fans won’t forget any sooner than Ava and Felicia — and they’ll want to forget it, that’s for sure. The serial killer has both the past and present objects of his obsession in his clutches at Wyndemere. “To have them both standing right there in front of him,” portrayer Jon Lindstrom tells Soap Opera Digest, “it’s a dream come true.”

Given that Ryan and babymama Heather are on the lam with pregnant daughter Esme, he should be focused on heading for the metaphorical hills. But in his twisted mind, he’s just won the lottery. “This opportunity is just to good to pass up,” Lindstrom says. “What you’re seeing at this point in the story is the unadulterated, truly crazy Ryan.”

Esme has no memory

For Esme, it’s out of the frying pan into the… woods?

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Which is, of course, the last Ryan that Esme would want chasing after her when she makes a run for it into the woods of Spoon Island. By the end of the week, shots will ring out, someone will be hurt, if not worse, and Mac will be tasked with delivering heavy news. Could Ryan’s reign of terror have made a victim of Ava or Felicia? Or someone we don’t even suspect? Hit the comments with your theories about how it all shakes out, and on your way…

Contemplate the characters who could be killed in the Spoon Island bloodbath in the photo gallery below.