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Rick Springfield (Dr. Noah Drake, General Hospital) is not only a soap star. He’s also a musician. Last time we spoke with Rick, he was busy building a recording studio in his home, trying to fill the empty gap of the empty nest since one of his sons went off to college.

Rick Springfield spoke with Julie Clark Robinson, B&B and General Hospital Editor back in November Exclusive Rick Interview and we promised to follow up with a few extras that he shared with us, and to get a few Q&A’s posted for the fans!

As reported previously, Christine Fix, Editor-in-Chief, Editor of Days of Our Lives spent some time in “Rick Chat,” which is an online chat, based out of Rick’s website, Rick Springfield for fans to get together to discuss the fabulous musician. The fans gave me a few questions for Rick that they wanted to see answered. Unfortunately, my schedule didn’t permit me the availability to speak with Rick directly, so Julie was kind enough to get the scoop, just for the fans! Here goes:

Q: Do you ever visits sound checks in the LA/Malibu area.

A: Rick tells us that this isn’t the case. In fact, he was puzzled by the question.

Q&A: We asked if he ever pops into the chat room on his website, and he tells Julie, “No, but I can!

Q&A: The fans asked him to comment about his Vegas show, EFX Alive. He tells us, “It was something that just came around at the right time.” Vegas opportunities had been offered to him for about the last 5 years, but this one came at a good time for him to be able to do it. It lasted for 2 years. He didnt move to Vegas, went back and forth to LA.

Q: The big question that made us all laugh and the one that I wasn’t sure I wanted to ask, “Whose idea was it for you to have a mullet in the 80s?”