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The actor had more to say than just “Happy Friday, y’all.” Although when don’t we want to hear those words!

Jon Lindstrom knew that he wouldn’t be the first to acknowledge the 60th anniversary of General Hospital. In fact, he might be near the tail end of the well-wishers. But he was OK with that. Just “think of me as a late arrival to a really good party,” he suggested.

With that, the actor, who joined the cast in 1992 as the diabolical Ryan Chamberlain, got down to business. “I just wanted to wish all my friends and colleagues at General Hospital a happy 60th anniversary,” he said. “It’s been a real blessing and honor to be able to make television with all of you.

“And most of all, to all the fans of General Hospital who have kept us on the air longer than any other scripted show in history,” he added. “Well! Pat yourselves on the back for that. Thank you. We love you all. We wouldn’t be here without you.”


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Lindstrom, as you well know, was given a second General Hospital character in 1993: Ryan’s thankfully less murderous twin brother, Kevin Collins, who proved so popular that he was spun off to Port Charles in 1997. Summing up his experience in the roles in his Instagram post, he said that “it’s been the ride of my life.”

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