Liz Webber's Parents Returning GH
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“I was sad…”

Elizabeth and Nikolas’ recent drama on General Hospital landed her in quite the mess… not only did the lie that she’d been pregnant with his baby damage her relationship with Finn, the whole secret surrounding Esme, and her part in keeping her captive in the north tower at Wyndemere, weighed heavily on her mind. And now that she believes that Nikolas left Port Charles, even though we watched Ava bash him over the head, she’s left to pick up the emotional pieces.

Liz’s portrayer, Rebecca Herbst, chatted with Soap Opera Digest about her feelings surrounding the storyline. While she had been excited for her character to be in a storyline once again with Nikolas, due to the 25 years of history between the characters, she was also sad when it came to an end.

Elizabeth's done with Nikolas GH

“They’ve been friends and lovers and enemies and I’ve loved him and I’ve hated him,” Herbst shared, and given how much had been going on between Liz and Nicolas, she continued, “I was sad that that aspect of it didn’t go on longer and that the whole pregnancy thing didn’t turn into more.”

But that’s not all, she was “sad that there’s no more Nikolas on the show” because for Liz, it was always great to have that one character there to “spar with” because “it was real.”

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She also pointed out that in their case, history didn’t have to be made up — it was already there for Nik and Liz — and the most important thing is that viewers remember the history. “I wish we could have enjoyed that relationship a little bit longer,” she stated.

And as crazy as it was at times, we too would have liked to watch as they scrambled to explain why Liz wasn’t showing as “the pregnancy” went on, or maybe watched them reconnect romantically, which would have thrown a fun twist into the drama with Ava. However, you know what they say… we can’t always get what we want.

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