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“Everyone’s just trying to make a good show and put love out there.”

Stepping in to take over a character is never easy for any actor on daytime — especially when it’s just a temporary stint! And when you’re brought in to send a character off by killing him as Adam Huss was brought in to do with General Hospital‘s Nikolas, it’s pretty much a given that not all the fans will react kindly.

When he first got called in to sub for Marcus Coloma, Huss admitted during a talk with the podcast Heart and Soul Chat With the Stars, he hadn’t even been aware that was something that ever happened. He tried out for General Hospital roles a couple times, from Shiloh to Nikolas, but he headn’t gotten them. So being a temporary sub wasn’t even on his radar — but he was very much up for it!

Still, he made clear, he didn’t have any secret designs to take over Nikolas permanently. “I wasn’t trying to steal anyone’s job, I was just trying to come in and do what I was hired for.”

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And he wanted to do it as best he could. He studied up on Wikipedia, watched Nikolas scenes on YouTube and even talked with the show’s writers. He came in to sub, then was brought back a second time for a few episodes and then came this last amazing opportunity.

And for the most part, he made clear, the fans have been incredibly supportive and could tell how much he put into the role.

“I’m so grateful that the fans responded and most of them are being very kind and supportive,” he shared. “It’s really been awesome.”

With that said, not everyone has responded that way.

“I read comments with one eye open,” he explained. “I don’t really go on Twitter anymore.”

Because some folks just weren’t having it. And believe it or not, it’s something Huss does “understand. I love TV and I’m passionate about people and I get it. There’s passion behind, ‘I love Marcus,’ or ‘I want Tyler back,’ but things change and we’re in a different place. Be open to other things.”

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And even if people weren’t feeling him as Nikolas, “the big thing is? Be kind. I came in there to do a job and I did it the best I could, and I put a lot of love into it. So when your one eye catches a really mean thing, you’ve got to remind yourself, ‘OK, don’t take it personal. But damn, that was harsh.’”

Still, though there will likely always be negative folks out there, he did get a ton of positive reactions, whether people DMed him or just praised his performance online. “That feels good and I know that the majority of it was a positive buzz, so I’ll hold onto that.”

“I come from love,” he shared at the end. “I put love into the character. That’s all I can do. Be kind.”

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