portia bride wedding
Credit: ABC screenshot

At these nuptials, something borrowed may be time; something blue, the bride.

General Hospital has Portia and Curtis all set to get hitched the week of February 13. But — and maybe you’ve heard — there’s a hitch. The bride is about to speak her vows knowing that she’s sitting on a whopper of a secret: that the man she’s marrying might not be about to become Trina’s stepfather because — dun-DunDUN! — he could already be her father!

As if to guarantee that the ceremony goes up in flames, in the teaser that the ABC soap released, Curtis declares that “Portia and I are a sure thing.” Everybody knows that the best way to mess something up is to tempt fate by saying that nothing possibly could mess it up!

Right on cue, the promo then cuts to Jordan calling out Portia. And the smart money is on Curtis’ ex-wife stopping the wedding to prevent him from making it official with his next wife before he learns that Taggert may not be Trina’s dad, he himself may be.

If not Jordan, Stella has to be destined to bring the proceedings to a halt. If Portia can’t tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth, no way should she be promising to love, honor and cherish Curtis!

What do you think? Will Curtis and Portia manage to end the week as husband and wife? Or will the bride end up saying “I’m doomed” instead of “I do”? En route to the comments, check out a photo gallery of soaps’ all-time greatest weddings below.