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The former ABC soap actor has a message — but it comes with a price.

Marcus Coloma may no longer be playing Nikolas on General Hospital but he’s staying busy and keeping fans up to date on what he’s been up to these days. The actor is currently in Florida, playing Mr. Mom to his daughter Coco and has posted a few videos of him taking care of his house. In fact, seeing how tidy he’s kept things, fans asked if he’d come and clean their homes, which sparked an idea — and The Dream Team was born! However, like Coloma posted, along with a video to prove it, there’s some “good news” and some “bad news.”

In the video, which featured his former castmates Kin Shriner (Scott), Johnny Wactor (ex-Brando), Steve Burton (ex-Jason) and Maurice Benard (Sonny), Coloma revealed that the guys are at your service — literally — and ready to come and clean your homes… for a price. Now here’s where the good/bad news comes in. “I spoke to the fellas,” Coloma stated. “Well, here’s what they had to say.”

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First up, if you want Shriner to dust your furniture, it’ll cost you $25 an hour. “That’s what I was making as a fuller brush man or taxi driver,” he informed. “I’m in.” Okay, that’s not a bad price.

Burton seemed to agree with that number, except he added a few zeros (bad news!), and said, “You know, I’ve cleaned up a lot of messes for Sonny. Would you say 25? 25 grand. Okay.”

While that price is a little steep, it’s a steal compared to Wactor’s fee — more bad news. “I’ll come clean your house in a French maid outfit for one million dollars,” he said. “Feather duster, hat thing, heels… the whole nine… million bucks. It’s like a bag of groceries these days, come on.”

And if you were looking to have Benard clean your windows, you’re out of luck, because the really bad news is, as the daytime vet revealed, “I don’t clean, bro.”

So fans, if you’re ready to place an order with The Dream Team, jump into the comments and let the guys know which one you’re going to go with — and don’t be afraid to bargain with them!

Sadly, we have more bad news and it’s that this was all done in fun. However, if you can fork up $25 grand or one million dollars, there’s no telling what money can buy!

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